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Warrior Lawyers: Defenders of Sacred Justice

Warrior Lawyers: Defenders of Sacred Justice’ (2019) is a one-hour documentary on contemporary Michigan Native Americans. The program was produced solely in Michigan where there are twelve Federally Recognized Native Nations. ‘Warrior Lawyers’ is scheduled to begin airing locally and nationally on PBS on 3/1/2021. It’s target audience is middle school to adult viewers, Native and non-Native. This documentary is particularly timely given our countries current focus on and reckoning with institutional racism, racial inequity and social justice reform. The two hour presentation will include a showing of ‘Warrior Lawyers’ followed by a one-hour Q&A/discussion with the filmmaker, Audrey Geyer. When available, an interviewee(s) from the documentary will also participate in the Q&A.

Availability: Year-round


Vimeo Video:


Program: $1000-1500
Travel Expenses: Travel expenses will include .58 cents per mile costs and lodging (no cost for travel one-hour and under)


Audrey Geyer
PO Box 1265
Brighton, MI 48116
Phone: 810.772.9628