Stories and Play Workshops with Barbara Ann Poelman

I offer storytelling sessions for children, early childhood through elementary, called Stories and Play. I believe each child is a natural storyteller when given the opportunity to “play” with their story. My program consists of interactive storytelling with the assistance of many of my own handmade natural wooden and woolen props. These props are often very unique to the children and they find them very interesting. I tell classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales for the youngest and a collection of tales for older children. After I have told my stories, each child is given their own “bag full of potential stories”. These bags contain simple open ended materials that spark the imagination and encourage the child to be the storyteller. I use soft classical music to allow the children slow down and relax into their story. The children are given both solitary and cooperative time to create stories. I encourage the teachers and other adults to be participants as well. Play brings out the storyteller in everyone. Time is allotted for sharing their stories with each other. I believe teachers, parents and children are  empowered through these workshops to value and celebrate the power of story in a fun engaging manner.

Since each child has their own materials my workshops are more intimate and are best kept between 25-30 students.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $300 – $500
Workshop: $300
Residency: $2,000
Length of Residency: 1-5 days
Travel Expenses: Mileage over 50 miles


Barbara Ann Poelman
329 California Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 736-2546