A Storyteller’s Night Sky

Through the Storyteller’s Night Sky, Mary Stewart Adams engages students and communities in an encounter with the science of astronomy as it can be known through humanity’s history of high achievement in art architecture, literature, and science. Programs are designed to celebrate our knowledge of the stars at its roots, in the art of whimsy, and rhyme, and once upon a time, as it was gifted by the ancient muse of astronomy, Urania. From Galileo to Goethe, Kepler to Keats, ancient mythologies to Mother Goose, Mary uncovers the delightful mystery of how to know the stars as a joyful art. Ideal process for integrating science curriculum with the humanities. Also available, The Storyteller’s Night Sky water color art exhibit (32 pieces of original water color, framed and ready for exhibit, depicting tales to share in relation to the stars overhead month-by-month, to support the tradition of seasonal storytelling and cultural awareness).

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $250-500
Workshop: $350
Residency: $350-1000
Length of Residency if Applicable: 5 day
Travel Expenses: mileage; lodging if necessary


Mary Stewart Adams
3794 Port Way
Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Phone: 231-838-8181