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Spirit of Harriet Tubman by Leslie McCurdy

Leslie McCurdy captivates her audience in “The Spirit of Harriet Tubman” with only a trunk of costumes and a barren stage as her landscape. For a breathtaking hour, she embodies the “spirit” of Harriet Tubman and shares Harriet’s empowering story from her early childhood to her elderly years, using words said to have been Harriet’s own! This inspiring solo performance, which illustrates the power of personal integrity, triumph over racism and the importance of social commitment, has been called “brilliant!”, “a powerful, must see performance!!”, “something to be experienced by everyone!” Appropriate for Grades three through adult – Family audiences.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $750 (schools) – $3500 (Large PACS)
Travel Expenses: Lodging, travel and per diem may be negotiated as required.


Leslie McCurdy
9160 Dixie
Redford Michigan, MI 48239
Phone: 818-404-9176