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Raion Taiko Japanese Drumming Ensemble

Raion Taiko Japanese Drumming Ensemble is a performing group of up to 8 highly skilled drummers sponsored by the Great Lakes Taiko Center in Novi, Michigan. We offer authentic Taiko drumming programs up to 90 minutes in length, and perform on top quality, Asano Taiko drums, imported directly from Japan, including our 3.5 foot diameter “Ohiradaiko”, carved from a single tree trunk! Raion Taiko has been performing actively at a wide variety of events throughout Michigan since 2005. More information about Raion Taiko and the Great Lakes Taiko Center can be found by visiting our website,

Availability: Year-round


YouTube Video:


Program: $900+
Workshop: $500+
Travel Expenses: Calculated based on distance from Great Lakes Taiko Center and number of performers


Brian Sole Sole
43000 W. Nine Mile Rd Suite 309
Novi, MI 48375
Office Phone: (248) 773-8899