PuppetART Theater

Groups may select between one of four touring performances including “Kolobok”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Banana for Turtle” , and “Oh, Ananse!” PuppetART also offers puppet making workshop following the show, where children learn how to make a puppet. The main objective for the puppet-making workshop is to present students and teachers with a simple way of making and using puppets in the classroom. We are able to send the story in advance to be shared with the students. An outline is sent with the story to prepare students for viewing the particular show. There are also ideas about lessons to continue this work when students return to class.

Availability: Year-round


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PuppetARTDetroitPuppetTheatre
Twitter: https://twitter.com/puppetart_det
YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxWpXaZpEEQ
Website: www.puppetart.org


Program: $1,100
Workshop: from $250
Residency: from $250
Length of Residency if Applicable: Varies
Travel Expenses: Varies. Depending on distance, per diem may also apply


Igor Gozman
24293 Telegraph Road, Suite 150
Southfield, MI 48033
Office Phone: 313.961.7777