Poetry Empowered: Workshops, Assemblies, and More

The Diatribe uses performing arts to empower young people to share their stories, raise awareness of social issues, and create change within their communities. The Diatribe provides after school programing, assemblies, workshops, and also provides downloadable content.
We provide two different types of workshops “Poetry Empowered” programing, and “Writing to Right Wrongs”. Poetry Empowered is a twelve week in-school (or after school) program that kicks off with a one hour, interactive Deluxe Assembly for the whole school. Thirty interested students are then able to participate in weekly one hour sessions, which meet both Middle and High School ELA standards and touch on social issues including mental health, racial injustice, and LGBTQ rights. Through writing exercises and dissecting poems by current world-renowned poets students learn to apply poetic techniques to their own writing. Free-writing sessions with unique prompts and in-depth feedback on both content and performance, result in dynamic and powerful spoken word pieces, which students share for their peers in their own assembly at the end of the twelve weeks.




Program: $1,600 – $2,400
Workshop: $400
Travel Expenses: Yes, lodging


Marcel Price
344 Burton St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49507
Phone: 616-214-5640