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Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision explores how we visualize the unseen and navigate the unknown through photography, video, and interactive installations. Based on conversations with blind artists, Woolpert’s work references astronomy, inspires wonder, and reframes disability.” Dimly-lit galleries draw viewers to engage more deeply (sometimes through touch), yielding discovery. All ages. Previously exhibited at Onondaga Community College (NY), LowellArts (MI), Griffin Museum of Photography (MA), and Humble Arts Foundation (online), the artist curates/installs onsite. “In Woolpert’s excellent installation viewers can see what they do not see, even as they’re presented with the visual ironies of self-hood.” — Stephen Kuusisto, author, Planet of the Blind

Availability: Year-round; Also available for an Artist Talk




Program: $3000-3500
Travel Expenses: Up to $500 to cover round-trip travel plus overnight accommodations during installation


Colleen Woolpert
406 Stuart Ave, Apt 1
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Phone: (315) 412-5890