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PaleoJoe Michigan Children’s Book Author and Paleontologist, a Real Dinosaur Hunter

PaleoJoe dresses the part of a “Digger” – he is a real digger – and introduces animals, plants, and creatures that have been extinct for millions of years. His high energy program brings life to these creatures of long ago for students and adults of all ages. A look into the world of fossil collecting and study. Describing how fossils are formed through to modern collecting and investigation techniques. Students will learn about forces that shaped our world and how they affected the development of life on Earth.Program begins with how fossils are formed, what fossils are. Plate tectonics are discussed and described in ways that children will easily understand the dynamics of the earth and its formation. The fossilization process and types of fossils are discussed. Finally he moves to Dinosaurs covering T-Rex and Velociraptor, the theory of Dinosaurs and Bird relationships. The students are provided info and then challenged to be detectives and try to figure out if T-Rex was a super predator or scavenger or opportunistic hunter. PaleoJoe takes you on a trip back in time to learn about the victims and perpetrators, life and death of the prehistoric. Learn the techniques used in the investigation of how these creatures lived and died. See the evidence and discover the stories that are told through DINOSAUR C.S.I. Bones will tell us how fast dinosaurs grew, some of the diseases they suffered, battle inflicted wounds and how they healed – or didn’t – all will be showcased. Microscopic, and CT Scan Data will prove what we know of these ancient creatures.  Mini Fossil dig workshop in your school or library is also offered with real fossil rich sediment and the kids keep the fossils they find.
Virtual programs offered
11 Different programs for you to choose from or choose multiple programs for a discounted fee structure.

  • Dinosaur Tails and the Tales Dinosaur Tails can Tell
  • Dinosaur Myths and Legends
  • Dinosaur Day with PaleoJoe
  • Fishing with a Hammer and Chisel, Fossil Fish of the Lost Lake
  • Trilobite Treasures: Arthropods of the Ancient Seas
  • Digging Dinosaurs
  • Fossils of The Michigan Basin
  • PaleoJoe Digs Long Neck Dinosaurs of Utah
  • Dinosaur CSI what we know of dinosaurs by the evidence in the ground —-Teen and Adult specific program.
  • Placoderms – Michgan’s Armor-Plated fish of the Devonian
  • Ice Age Imperials, Giant Animals of Michigan’s Ice Age

Availability: Year-round


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Program: 450.00 per show
Workshop: 1500
Travel Expenses: No


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