Ethnic and Folk Music

Neil Jacobs – World 12-String Guitar

Guitar Player Magazine describes Neil as, “Leo Kottke, Al DiMeola, and Phil Keaggy blended together”, but his performances encompass far more than dazzling instrumental guitar. Neil has spent his lifetime traveling, collecting a wealth of fascinating stories and experiences, while developing a rich musical background. From his adventures with the Gypsies of Spain, Cowboy TV Specials in Russia, and ethnomusicology studies in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and beyond, Neil showcases his masterful adaptations of exotic folk and classical music on the uniquely American folk instrument, the 12-string guitar. Neil also now offers a mesmerizing holiday concert, “The 12-Strings of Christmas”.

Availability: Year-round


YouTube Video:


Program: $500-$2700
Workshop: $500-$1200
Residency: Varies
Length of Residency if Applicable: Day/Week
Travel Expenses: No


Neil Jacobs
PO Box 723
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Office Phone: 614-832-5805 Cell: 614-832-5805