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Museum To Go

The Raven Hill Discovery Center’s Museum To Go encourages the historian, artist and scientist within. The exciting new program presents mini-exhibits that explain history, art and their connection to science. Objects are placed around the room for participants to manipulate and discover. Children and adults link the arts to science through motion, magnets, light and sound, as well as earth and life science items. Museum To Go is perfect for students pre-kindergarten to adult, as exhibits change to fit developmental levels. Each innovative presentation lasts about an hour and is designed for small groups or individual classrooms.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $600 per day
Workshop: $125 per hour
Travel Expenses: $0.50 per mile round trip


Cheri Leach
4737 Fuller Road
East Jordan, MI 49727
Office Phone: 231.536.3369 Cell: 231.675.6025