Theatre for Young Audiences

Michael Lee and Opus Mime

Michael Lee and Opus Mime performs across Michigan_x000D_ and the U.S. The stage may be an auditorium, gym floor or a living room, but the show is sure to stretch your image of mime theater! The company performs many heart-touching and hilarious solos and duets Michael has come to be known for, and even full-length plays! “Last evening’s performance was just spectacular! …so original, dramatic, and daring …and how well rehearsed the performance was.” -Lynn Ayers, retired teacher. The company offers intensive Artist Residencies, giving students opportunities to learn physical acting and perform with Michael on stage.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $350 – $1250
Workshop: $250 – $450
Residency: $2500 – $4500
Length of Residency if Applicable: 1 – 3 weeks
Travel Expenses: Host provides lighting tech and lodging


Michael Lee
16250 Bowdish Rd.
Stockbridge, MI 49285
Phone: (734) 730-2164 Fax Number: (734) 475-1177