Michael Deren, THE PAST IN PERSON – History and You-Involved!

As THE PAST IN PERSON, Michael Deren is an accomplished musician/educator/songwriter and storyteller. His seven presentations are historical, musical, educational, entertaining and audience-involving. Journey into our past through the music, songs and words of the people whose labor built America. Programs, appropriate for all ages, have been presented in schools, libraries, museums, parks and senior centers since 1985. Characters include: 1840 Erie Canal Boat Captain, 1865 Civil War Musician, 1870 Shanty Boy/Lumberjack, 1870 Transcontinental Railroad Engineer, 1875 Great Lakes Schooner Captain, 1880 U.P. Iron Smelter Worker, 1941 CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Enrollee.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $450-$675
Workshop: $450-$675
Residency: $900-$1500
Length of Residency if Applicable: One day
Travel Expenses: $30-$50 per hour for travel beyond a 50 mile radius of Ann Arbor, MI. Lodging and meal expenses as needed depending on the venue.;


Michael Deren
2640 Powell Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan, MI 48104
Office Phone: (734)-663-9634 Cell: (313)-804-0981