Ethnic and Folk Music

Luunappi: Songs, Stories, Poems

Luunappi is Finnish for a finger snap to the ear! Patrick Niemisto and Norm Wheeler present an interactive tag team of songs, stories, and poems, from Woody Guthrie and Bill Staines to Garrison Keillor and Dr. Seuss. Lunnappi creates a unique world_x000D_ of sneetches, goblins, skunks, hobos, pirates, grown-ups taking sauna, and kids cleaning dirty rooms. And everyone gets to participate! Their regular gigs include the Leelanau Outdoor Center, the Homestead Resort, and the Hiawatha Music Festival, as well as elementary schools and private parties all over Michigan.

Availability: Year-round


YouTube Video:


Program: $350/show
Workshop: $350
Residency: $750/day
Length of Residency if Applicable: per day
Travel Expenses: For trips over 100 miles.


Patrick Niemisto
3887 Baatz Road
Maple City, MI, MI 49664
Office Phone: (231) 631-3823 Cell: (231) 620-4802