Let’s Hear it Again With Gwen

Where do our stories come from? They come from everywhere. Gwendolyn Lewis, author of PLANT A SEED…READ and a retired educator, brings energy in her interactive-themed-multicultural presentation. The emphasis is friendship and cooperation. Her voice and gestures draw you into her stories. Some enjoy the props, others enjoy her interaction with the audience, some enjoy the lessons in the stories, some enjoy her follow-up activities; others loves to be entertained. The topic ‘STORYTELLING MAKES BOOKS COME ALIVE’ is tailored to K-8th grades. Parents and adults in community organizations will enjoy the program too. On special occasions Ms. Gwen may become Coretta Scott King; Mary McLeod Bethune; Maya Angelou or Sojourner Truth.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $175-$400
Workshop: $250-700
Residency: 0
Length of Residency if Applicable: 0
Travel Expenses: 55 cents/mile beyond Wayne County;


Gwendolyn Lewis
9145 Hazelton
Redford, MI 48239
Office Phone: 313-533-0203 Cell: 313-467-9294