Ethnic and Folk Music

Leahaliza Lee: Songs from the Sephardic World

Leahaliza Lee devotes herself to songs from Sephardic world. Through music that weaves together cultures from East and West, and rang through homes and celebrations for centuries, Leahaliza’s voice transports you to corners of the world where Jewish communities of Spain, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East shared music with neighbors. Through Judeo-Spanish traditional song, Leahaliza Lee brings to life moments from the lives of women silenced in the nearly forgotten history of Spain’s once-vibrant and long-gone Jewish communities. Songs in Hebrew, Arabic, and the uniquely Sephardic language of Ladino are featured. Evocative delivery, poetic translations, and creative use of readings from historic sources take down language barriers and make the soul of the music accessible to listeners. Though the songs come from long ago and far away, their themes of finding your place in love, family, and the world remain timeless.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $500-$3,500
Travel Expenses: Yes – Lodging depending on travel time and season, airfare.


Ms. Leahaliza Lee
Office: 718-644-6139; Cell: 718-644-6139