Animal Presenters

John Ball Zoo – Traveling Zoo

Bring learning to life with John Ball Zoo’s Traveling Zoo! This up-close animal encounter gives a classroom of students the chance to learn about animals through a hands-on presentation of 4 ambassador animals. Presentations may be selected on the topic of your choice including: body coverings, classification, adaptations, and Michigan wildlife. Presentations may also be customized to align with your curriculum. Animals typically include a bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian. Programs are designed for ages 3 and up and are best suited for groups of 30 or less.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $95/program, $55/program for each consecutive program
Travel Expenses: $1/mile travel fee


Rhiannon Mulligan
1300 Fulton St. W
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: 616-336-4300