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GEM Theatrics presents “My Dearest Friend”

My Dearest Friend, by Michigan playwright Mary G. Kron chronicles the true story of the lives of John and Abigail Adams. Using primary sources, the play is a touching flashback of the high points of their life together, making history come alive as it gives new insights into this most modern of historical couples.
This show is both educational and entertaining, and is available in a one-hour version and a two-hour version with intermission. Middle school through college-aged students and adults will enjoy the remarkable relationship and love of this Founding couple. Program includes Study Guide and Q & A after the performance. “My Dearest Friend is not a history book. It is the intimate story of two extraordinary people that transcends history. That’s a tale worth telling.” —John Quinn, Encore Michigan

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $300 – 550
Workshop: $300 – 500
Residency: $600 – 1000
Length of Residency if Applicable: 1-2 days
Travel Expenses: No;


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