Ethnic and Folk Music

Biakuye Percussion Group

Wooden keys suspended over gourds and spider webs; seed pods spun like a yo-yo; goat-skin drums, flattened tire spokes, and discarded oil barrels…These are the sources of Biakuye’s captivating sound—a sound that is both deeply grounded and cutting-edge. The resulting music reflects the unique journeys of its members, which have taken them from the US to Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, India, Ecuador, Trinidad, Cuba, and Haiti. In Akan languages of West Africa, biakuye means unity. Biakuye’s energetic performances bring together a wide range of African and Caribbean music.

Availability: Year-round


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Program: $1,200
Workshop: $1,200
Residency: $1,200
Length of Residency if Applicable: per day
Travel Expenses: Additional travel charges apply to performances outside of Southeast Michigan.;


Mark Stone
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