Annie Speaks

Annie Speaks is a presentation for all ages. In this riveting, humorous presentation, author, actor, educator, Collette Cullen portrays Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller’s Teacher. Helen Keller once said, “The day I met my teacher was my soul’s birthday.” Cullen encourages her audience members to ponder this statement throughout her performance. Award winning actress and director, Collette Cullen, as Annie is art at its best. She weaves an enchanting narrative as Helen Keller’s teacher. A published author, Cullen’s Young Adult novel, Annie Finds Her Magic inspires the reader to persevere while discovering their own talents to live a purposeful life. As keynote speaker, performer and facilitator, Collette Cullen pays special attention to her audiences in their personal and professional quests. Truly a “teaching actor” in this engaging performance; she encourages, ignites self-reflection,
promotes writing, and imagination. In short, she delights!

Availability: Year-round




Program: Begins at $250; Workshop: $550; Residency: $1000
Travel Expenses: Transportation/Lodgings
Length of Residency: 4 days


Collette Cullen
22667 Park Street
Dearborn, MI 48124
Office & Cell: (313) 522-5726